Smartphones are more than mobile phones throughout the world

Posted By: Rahul

Smartphones are more than mobile phones throughout the world

According to a latest study, smartphones especially android cellphones are on the verge of replacing conventional mobile phones throughout the world. These smartphones are more than mobile phones in the world and are expected to kill mobiles altogether. Thus, the battle within technology has started.

This will shortly lead to mobile phones throughout the world becoming extinct say Experts.

Since modern day smartphones are feature-filled to the core, they are being preferred by people. In addition to this, the price tag of smartphones which is getting reduced day by day is also a major factor  in people preferring them over non-smartphone mobile gadgets.

The study has also stated that around 50% of the people in countries such as United States, United Kingdom own smartphones. This means that people are preferring to use mobiles less and less. Even cellphone usage has been on the downside.

The Android operating system has certainly resulted in a smartphone revolution. The respondents of the study said that they found android phones to suit them best. The Apple iPhones also found their place among smartphone users.

Experts state that smartphone costs are going to fall in the coming years. This will surely lead to people preferring them more and more over other mobile phones. Looking at this trend, one question that is sure to come to mind is “Is this the end of the road for the mobile?”. Only time will tell.

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