Smartphones preferred more by the wealthy

Posted By: Rahul

Smartphones preferred more by the wealthy

A recent internet survey has found out that smartphones are being preferred & even owned by the wealthy rather than normal earning persons. The survey also states that much of the smartphones users are the wealthy & the very wealthy.

Youngsters in the age group of 24-35 years also prefer smartphones over normal mobile phones One illustration here shows that people with an annual income of Rs 3 Lakhs or more preferred only smartphones when they were given a choice between ordinary mobile phones & smartphones. People with an annual income of less than Rs 3 lakhs preferred an ordinary mobile phone over high-end smartphones.

But people in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa prefer an ordinary phone which could take care of their basic phone requirements rather than high-end smartphones. The smartphone preferring people said that they would use their smartphone since it provided features that could be seen as alternatives to a computer. Some of the features are internet connectivity, browsing etc.

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