Sony's Curved CMOS Sensors For Smartphone, Camera At Development Phase

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Sony is one of the best tech firms in terms of camera modules both in full-fledged camera and mobile cameras. However, the company might not be satisfied with that as it is said that the Sony engineers are working on a new type of CMOS image sensor which is somewhat a copy of a real eye module. Not literally, but in terms of functionality and design.

Sony's Curved CMOS Sensors For Smartphone, Camera At Development Phase

Basically, we are talking about the camera module that comes with a curved lens. And it is explained that the curved lens will deliver a simpler lens system and higher sensitivity. The curved lens allows light rays to hit the sensor straight on, rather than at an angle which can cause distortion in an image.

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Reportedly, Sony says that the curved sensors are 1.4 times more sensitive at the center of the sensor and twice as sensitive at the edge. Sony's research and development team reportedly, managed to curve these chips with the same curvature of the human eye, using a special "bending machine".

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A curved CMOS sensor can be paired with a flatter lens and a larger aperture, which lets in more light.

Two chips have been designed, one full-size chip whcih measures 43mm suitable for digital cameras and a smaller chip is just 11mm whcih is perfect for mobile phones.

Although, Sony is reportedly said to have made around 100 full-size lens, it is not disclosed, whether these new modules will be used in the upcoming cameras or even the Sony Xperia range of phones in future.

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