Sony, LG To Get Microsoft-Made Apps Pre-Installed On Android Tablets

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Microsoft announced that Android tablets will be pre-loaded with Microsoft apps including the Office Suite, OneDrive and Skype.

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Sony, LG To Get Microsoft-Made Apps Pre-Installed On Android Tablets

Microsoft has released a list of more than 20 global partners whose tablets running on Android operating system will get Microsoft-made apps on their device pre-installed in near future.

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Among the list, most important companies like Sony and LG will be getting the Microsoft apps pre-installed on their slate. Sony Xperia Z4 tablet will get the apps in the next 90 days ,while LG will get the apps for its future tablet. However, other partners in the list are not well known internationally, here is a list.

According to Microsoft, by pre-installing Microsoft's apps and services solution on Android tablets, their partners will be able to increase the value of those device by delivering rich productivity experiences.

  • Axdia International GMBH - Germany
  • Cube - China
  • DL - Brazil
  • General Procurement - United States
  • Grupo Nucleo - Argentina
  • Haier - China
  • Inco - Mexico
  • Ionik GBMH - Germany
  • Iview - United States and Latin America
  • Multilaser - Brazil
  • Noblex - Argentina
  • Pacific / Vulcan - Mexico
  • Philco - Argentina
  • Positivo - Brazil
  • Prestigio - Europe, Middle East, and Asia
  • Teclast - China
  • TMAX Digital - North America
  • Wortmannn - Germany


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