Sony VAIO Windows Phone Tipped To Arrive in 2014 [Report]

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Japanese giant Sony, who made a mark in the handset business with its Xperia lineup, may consider adopting an additional platform in 2014.

Sony VAIO Windows Phone Tipped To Arrive in 2014 [Report]

Sources close to The Information revealed that the makers behind Xperia Z1 are willing to make phones running on the Windows Phone mobile platform. Reportedly, Sony and Micorsoft have had discussions to materialize the deal.

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However, there is no deal signed yet between the two tech giants. Also, early report suggests that the yet to announced phone could be branded under Sony's VAIO lineup.

Currently, Nokia is the world's largest manufacturer of phones powered by Windows Phone 8. Since last year, the perception around Windows Phone 8 as a mobile OS has drastically changed. Also, the GDR3 update now allows handset manufacturers to make high-end phones similar to Android counterparts.

While biggies like Samsung and HTC also tried to do their best by making Windows handsets. Unfortunately, the end result ended in disappointment.

Coming back to Sony, the PlayStation 4 maker seems interested in manufacturing WP8 handsets. The concrete details around the first gen devices are unavailable, so nothing can be said much. If Sony is planning to introduce WP8 handset or a series of phones, under VAIO brand (known for high-end Windows powered machines), then naturally the cost of making the hardware will likely to go.

Moreover, China's major player telecommunication giant, ZTE, could manufacture affordable WP8 handsets. Reportedly, Microsoft is believed to sacrifice licensing fees to get the job done. Last month, according to a report, Microsoft held a discussion with Samsung to reconsider making Windows Phone 8 powered handsets.

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