Sony Xperia C3 Technical Know-How: Important Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Sony is an equally respectable brand in the market, apart from the likes of Samsung and Apple. The company's forte lies in its habit of releasing brilliant handsets which aren't although cheap, but justifies the price tag Sony demands.

The company recently revealed its brand new Xperia C3 handset into the market. The biggest selling factor of the phone is with its front facing camera with impressive features. Hence, Sony has tagged the phone as its first selfie-oriented camera phone.

Sony Xperia C3 Technical Know-How: Important Tips and Trick

But while the selfie segment remains to be an integral factor in the popularity of the handset, there's more than it meets the eye. So here's a look at the top 5 tips and tricks that you need to know for the Xperia C3.

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Adjusting Screen Timeout Duration and Brightness

In order to adjust the screen timeout duration and brightness, just tap on Apps. From there, go to Settings, swipe to Device and tap Display. From there, go to "Brightness" and clear the "Adapt to lighting conditions" check box. Once you have set the brightness tone, tap "OK" and touch "Sleep".

Disable Background Data

To disable background data, swipe the "status" bar down and tap "Settings". Then, tap "Data usage" under "Wireless & Network" and again tap "Menu" and mark the check box next to "Restrict Background Data".

Switch from 4G to WCDMA

Go to the phone's "Settings" menu. Under "Wireless & Networks" tap "More". Next, go to "mobile networks" and tap "Network mode". Here, select "WCDMA" to restrict your device from using 4G.

Minimize Auto-Sync

To minimize auto-sync of apps, tap the "Apps" icon while on the home screen. Next, go to "Settings" and swipe to "Accounts". Now select the account you wish to edit. To reduce syncing, clear as many check boxes as you can.

Updating Phone

To check if your manufacturer is indeed pushing out an upgraded platform update, open the apps drawer and tap on "Settings". Now swipe to "System" and go to "About phone". There, tap "Software update" and follow the on-screen instructions if an update is available for download.

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