Sony Xperia S to have 2 exciting features

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Sony Xperia S to have 2 exciting features


From the day Sony Xperia S have been announced it has captured the tech worlds spot light. There are many things that set this mobile phone apart from the rest including many high end features and also the fact that this is the first series of Xperia mobile phones coming under Sony brand label rather than the Sony Ericsson.

Speculations and rumours about the device have been flooding tech sites and blogs for quite some time now. The new update is that the phone will sport two amazing features that the company has been keeping a tight lip approach to till now.

The first thing is that the phone will have an anti stain shell. The company has mentioned about this lightly on a post in some social networking sites. There is no further clarification on what it is about or other details. We can assume that the cover of the phone will be resistant to any stains or finger prints and even if something like that gets on it, the stain can be easily wiped off. If this is true then it would be very easy to maintain the mobile and keep it spotless.

Some other experts has recently spoke to Sony Ericssons product manger for Germany, Switzerland etc and it seems that he has also supported this speculation. According to him the phone will have a special nano coating that acts as a dirt repellent. The coating is also said to be UV active. This means that the coating will absorb UV light and will undergo a temporary change.

It may be designed in such a way as to create a visual effect that is it will absorb the UV rays when the phone is exposed, and may cause a temporary colour change. For example the cover can have a different colour when used outside in the sun and an entirely different colour when used inside a building or house. This rumour is not sure as for now.

One other claim about Sony Xperia S is that it is said to feature a fast charging battery. The informers claim that the charging time of the battery is almost halved. A 10 minute charging of the phone is said to ensure more than an hour of operation. This claim has also not been verified but if it is true it is a very nice and impressive addition. This will be particularly useful for travellers who can make a quick stop to charge their device during the journey.


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