Sony Xperia sola ICS Update: Glove Mode Feature Enabled for Use in Cold Climate

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Sony Xperia sola ICS Update: Glove Mode Feature Enabled for Use in Cold Climate

Does your smartphone allow you to operate it with Gloves on! It is not possible in all models. Nokia announced this feature in their latest Lumia 920 model. Sony has followed the trend and announced that their Xperia Sola model would support new feature ‘Glove Mode’.  

The company has announced updates for its Xperia models – Go, U and Sola. The updates include Android 4.0 upgrade, new media applications and this unique Glove mode feature. With this new feature Sony Xperia Sola users can navigate through the menu and home screen with gloves on.

Floating touch technology

The other key update is the introduction of Floating touch.  This would allow users to operate and control the phone without even touching. Once the floating touch mode is enabled, you don’t need to physically click on option, but you just move your finger over them and the phone will register your hand movement up to 20 mm above the screen. The phone will identify these hand movements over the screen and display the options accordingly.

Glove Mode

Company sources confirmed that Glove mode will be enabled by default in Xperia Sola model. This means that if you unlock the phone wearing the glove, the floating touch mode is disabled and it will automatically trigger the glove mode on.  While in Glove mode, the phone will support both normal touch usage and usage through glove touch. To disable glove mode, just lock the screen and then unlock it with uncovered hands (after removing the gloves off). Once you do this normal mode will be enabled with floating touch feature.

Touch technology seems to be at its best in Xperia Sola model.

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