Sony Xperia V includes Sensor-on-Lens Touch Screen Technology to combat iPhone 5

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Sony Xperia V includes Sensor-on-Lens Touch Screen Technology to combat iPhone 5

Recently, Sony's developer forum has leaked out that the newly launched Xperia V at IFA 2012 will include the innovative sensor-on-lens technology, which has been used by LG in its Optimus G handset. According to numerous reports, the next generation iPhone will also feature a similar technology. This underlines the upcoming trend of flexible integration of internal components in mobile devices and tablets to make them lighter, efficient and more competitive. 

What is sensor on lens technology?

Usually, a common touch panel will be comprised of mainly three components, which are Lens, Sensor and then the Display unit. 

But with the latest sensor-on-lens technology, the touch panel will just have two components.

It includes:

  • Lens with sensor embedded inside it

  • Display 

Thus with the latest technology, Sony has removed a layer from the touch panel construction. The company believes the latest technology will be able to provide enhanced direct touch response for its users and make the device much lighter. 

Key Benefits of Sensor-on-Lens technology

  • Thinner Display

  • Enhanced Image Quality

  • Minimal haze

  • Luminance improvement by 5 percent

Sony has also promised reduction in the parallax issues with the implementation of this latest technology. The company has a good reputation across the mobile phone and tablet market for its high resolution screen display features. 

Sony recently included a ‘White Magic’ panel for its Xperia P device comprising of RGBW sub-pixel layout designed to provide superb display in direct sunlight.

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