Sony Xperia Z1S Cases From Kolay Hint at November 26 Launch

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It has somewhat become like a trend to follow the accessories' launch date and assume the same date as the respective devices' launch. The first time Nexus 5 launch date surfaced on the online world, the same thing happed to it. Now Amazon UK has yet again listed another product from Kolay which is supposedly a gel-case cover and stylus pen for the Xperia Z1S.

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Sony Xperia Z1S Cases From Kolay Hint at November 26 Launch

In fact, the date is more importantly here as it is now being rumored that the device would be also launched at the same date. Thus now the Xperia Z1S is expected to launch on November 26.

Thus, Kolay is the latest to join the trend, putting a bunch of cases for the Sony Xperia Z1S up for pre-order on Amazon UK. The Z1S, as you already know, is yet to be officially unveiled.

All these Kolay cases for the Xperia Z1S are listed with a November 26 shipping date. This could be just made up by Kolay to grab some attention, but the Nexus 5 case leaks proved quite legitimate when it comes to interpret the possibility.

However, Sony's Xperia Z1S has already come up Sony's website recently, so the launch can't be too far away. In fact we are looking at the November 26 with focused eyes.


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