Sony HuaShan C530X Leaks Via Picasa Revealing 8MP Camera

By: Gizbot Bureau

Picassa is considered one of the most trusted sources for leaked information on various products. The latest morsel of information from picassa that has been doing the rounds in the IT market is Sony's HuaShan C530X device.

The EXIF data of the image was uploaded revealing various features of the product. According to the data revealed, this new device from Sony would feature versions similar to that of Sony C650X Odin.

A report from XperiaBlog suggests that the product would be first launched in China and then be available in other overseas markets. The device comprises of an updated software version 12.0.A.0.273 which in company terms is known as eDream 12.

Sony HuaShan C530X Leaks Via Picasa Revealing 8MP Camera

HuaShan C530X will also include model numbers C5302, C5303, and C5306 along with special versions for the Chinese market. EXIF further reveals that the product would feature a 5MP sensor and f/2.4 lens. This can hence be considered as one of the most innovative Sony products with Jelly Bean update.

With the company not coming up with any official announcement, the sources couldn't reveal much information on the product.

However, the device is expected to be launched at the CES event or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona going to be conducted next year. On other hand, Sony has launched its new Xperia E and Xperia E Dual versions with Jelly bean updates. This announcement came just after Nokia released its Lumia 620 version of smartphone. With customers always looking for innovative smartphones, Sony is the right platform to grab the latest one from.

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