How to Speed Up Your Android Smartphone: 5 Easy Steps To Rack Up the Pace

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On any given day, anything slow is a major bummer. And we are in an age where slowness is just not an option (expect the time you wake up in the morning). From devices to Internet, everything is better when the speed in up to date.

However, keeping the discussion limited to mobile handsets for the time being, it has to be said that Android is one of the major choices among users in recent times. But as time goes by, the devices tend to get slower.

How to Speed Up Your Android Smartphone: 5 Easy Steps

Hence it's always essential to maintain your smartphone's smoothness so that you don't fall behind on anything that's mostly operated via your handset. Here are 5 easy steps to maintain the speed of your handset.

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Reset Your Handset

Resetting generally means bringing your handset back to the form it was in when you first bought it. The process effectively erases everything and brings your phone back to its original condition. However, this remains to be a temporary option since the phone will get back to lagging once you start using it once more over time. But if you do decide to apply the reset road, do maintain a backup of all your contacts, memos, and any other important information.

Using Third Party Applications

There are a host of apps on Google's Play Store that are essential in maintaining the speed of your handset. For example, if you have an older phone, try downloading an auto task killer that will kill chosen applications every second or minute. Also, a cache cleaner could be a good option since it frees up some mobile memory.

Updated Firmware

Keep in mind that some official update love from your mobile manufacturer is actually a good thing as it helps getting rid of unwanted lags, bugs and other such issues that you might not be even aware of.

Manual Touches

These are temporary option but you could try restarting the phone and uninstalling unused apps once in a while. Sure, we don't ever really have the need to turn off a handset, but restarting it does a lot of good for it. Also, getting rid of unused applications could help.

Root Your Smartphone

If you have a phone that's old and has gone past its warranty date, there's always the option to root the phone. There are chances that your phone is so old that even the manufacturing company has stopped supporting it. Well, it's as good a time as any to unlock your device and make it active for at least two more years. And there are a boatload of custom ROMs to choose from.

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