Spice To launch mHealth services Called Jeeyo Health

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Spice To launch mHealth services Called Jeeyo Health
All the mobile companies are running a rat race. All the companies have just one goal set for themselves. That is to achieve monopoly in the business. For achieving the same, the companies are not only bringing out latest gadgets but are also focusing on new hot applications for mobile and other services for the customer which will make the customers fall in love with their Brand. On the same lines, Spice Mobile has announced their plan to launch a new service in the market. They are launching a new mHealth service or Mobile health service for its users.

In India the medical awareness programs and facilities have not reached the masses especially the rural parts of the country. Spice mobiles have come out with a solution to this problem. They are launching a service called Jeeyo Healthy. This service will help the users to avail consultation, medical advices and information on health topics on their mobile.

Jeeyo Healthy services will be an interactive voice response service. There will be medical experts on call 24*7 giving the required information to the callers. The callers can ask them any medical related questions that too any time of the day. Spice plans to roll out this service in almost 5 phases. The company will be announcing a number which will be the number to use Jeeyo Healthy. This service will not be a free service. All the customers who wish to use Jeeyo Healthy will have to pay a small amount of money as usage charge.

The best part of Jeeyo Healthy is that even though the customers are going to be charged a small amount, they do not have to reveal their identity. They can ask their medical queries directly to the experts without revealing their identity. This will help in avoiding a barrier between the expert and the customer.

This service was brought to light by Spice, after getting to know the massive response that other services on the same platform are receiving. There are lots of similar applications available in the market. So, what does Spice include in Jeeyo Healthy which makes them think that they can achieve a good response from the market? Jeeyo Healthy service provides a Doctor on call whereas the other services of this type provides only medical experts.

There is a huge demand of increasing the awareness campaigns and medical facilities across every nock and corner of the country. Since mobile manufacturing companies are able to reach every where even the rural India, bringing out a service like Jeeyo Healthy will surely help the masses in a big way.

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