Spice Transformer – First Transformer Phone In India

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Spice Transformer – First Transformer Phone In India
Phones resembling or taking inspiration from famous artists, cinemas or other such events is not a new phenomenon. Micromax recently launched a model designed on the cues of Van Gogh"s artistic ventures with the sunflower. These designer model phones have ultra modern style and looks that are directly aimed at the younger generation of today.

Following the footsteps of Micromax is Spice Mobiles. Spice recently announced the launch of a phone taking inspiration from a worldwide smash hit movie, The Transformers Saga. The phone is also christened Transformer. It is the first Transformer phone by Spice in India.

The name Transformer is actually the best suited name for the model as it has a unique capability of transforming itself from a trendy bar styled model to a stylish touch screen based phone in the flash of a second. Changing the form and shape in no time, sounds like Sci-Fi activity right?

Spice Mobile has entered into an exclusive 1 year contract with Hasbro, who holds global rights for releasing the latest edition in the Transformers Saga- Transformers 3. This tie-up will make the phone unique as it entitles the phone to be preloaded with contents of the latest Transformers flick including Wallpapers, Themes, Screensavers, video clips of the movie, trailers and much more.

According to Mr. Kunal Ahooja, CEO of Spice Mobile, the Spice Transformer will offer an unmatched mix of exhilarating style and innovation. Also Spice Transformer will be high on features and will be economically priced. The unique Form Changing ability of Transformer is definitely going to be its USP. The alliance of the phone with the Movie will all but increase the popularity and appeal of the phone.

Spice Transformer will feature all the latest in entertainment and multimedia wizardry including multi format audio and video player, FM radio, stereo speakers and universal jack for external connectivity to audio devices.

Also standard connectivity options such as Bluetooth and USB PC sync will be found in the phone. It will support Dual SIM standby feature and also be equipped with a camera capable of video recording.
Spice Transformer phone"s key features:

  • Dual SIM Standby
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel camera
  • 8 GB expandable memory slot (Micro SD)
  • Music Player
  • Java Support
  • Bluetooth

Spice Transformer will be available in India for a very low price of just Rs 4599 and thus it is expected to flood the market.

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