Symbian belle update for Nokia C7

Posted By: Rahul

Symbian belle update for Nokia C7

After sales support is a major factor that prompts customers to stick to a particular brand no matter whatever drawbacks it has. Some companies will do mass advertising and offer you any kind of help till you buy their products and after that, they won’t bother to even service the device if something goes wrong, but not Nokia.

Nokia has recently announced that the older phones running on Symbian-Anna platform will get a software update soon. This lets the user to update Symbian-Anna version to the latest Symbian-Belle version. The notable thing is that Nokia made this announcement when the company has moved on to concentrating in producing Microsoft’s mango operating system powered smart phones

Symbian-Belle platform is already installed in some of Nokia’s models like in Nokia 701. So sometimes users of phones like Nokia C7 will be envious of the fact that Nokia 701’s operating system is much more advanced. If you are so adamant of getting the update now and there itself, then you will have to get it unofficially.

This can be done by using the Phoenix tool to flash your phone to get the Symbian-Belle OS installed. Images of Nokia C7 sporting the Nokia Belle 111.030.0607 is already available there in the net. Any device can be flashed like this but the thing is that you will need to have at least Symbian-Anna platform in the phone to install further updates.

Nokia C7 made its debut in 2010 September and the phone has been able to achieve a very good sales figure till now. The device may be considered bulky by some, but some people choose these well built comparatively thick phones when pitched against their ultra slim counter parts. The phone has dimensions of 117.3 mm x 56.8 mm x 10.5 mm. Nokia C7 weighed at only about 130 grams and this is not too heavy for such a spec high phone.

Nokia C7 has an ARM processor. When most of the android phone manufactures are using SoC processors Nokia sticks on to the conventional processor. The ARM 11 processor in it has a clock speed of 680 MHz and is packs in enough punch to do intensive and memory demanding tasks.

The graphics card in it is Broadcom BCM 2727 and it does an amazing job in offering some of the very best graphics capabilities. The phones internal memory capacity is about 8GB and the system memory of the device is 256MB. The external memory can be expanded via addition of microSD memory cards.

With the new update Nokia C7 will be similar to the newest Nokia 701 in operating system and visual interface. But the spec list of Nokia 701 is still superior. Program updates can be done at home and there are a lot of software’s that helps you do the flashing yourself. But this is a very risky job. The best option is to wait for the official update to be unveiled.

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