New Symbian Phones To Launch By Nokia Smartphones in India

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New Symbian Phones To Launch By  Nokia Smartphones in India
Nokia is currently planning to launch four (nokia symbian phones) S40 smartphones in India. These smartphones are inbuilt with a with 1 GHz processor. This plan has lead to the rise in the fame of the company once again.
After the announcement of the tie up between Nokia and Microsoft, it was generally considered by people that that there was no future for the Symbian phones. But, Nokia might have just a few stunning plans for their operating system up their sleeves and they are going to release these nokia symbian phones in our midsts. These new smartphones are operated in the Symbian OS and are operated with the aid of 1GHz processors.
This news was currently brought forth at the time when Nokia decided to outsource activities relayed to Symbian and other allied to Accenture, in the month of November. A much popular Thai website – Flashfly has revealed the specifications as well as images of this much debated Nokia Symbian phones about to launch.

The four Symbian Nokia Smartphones that are going to be brought out by Nokia are the:

Nokia 701 – Helen
Nokia 700 – Zeta
Nokia 600 – Cindy
Nokia 500 – Fate

Helen and Zeta shall feature (besides the 1 GHz processor) the newer and more exotic version of Symbian – known as Belle. Together with this much better and newer operating system, these new smartphones shall receive the Ovi browser version 8.1 as well. With the help of this browser, browsing the internet shall become much faster and easier. One won"t have to worry about the accessibility any time. What"s more is that the Flash support will also be available?

This was on one hand. When we are talking about the other, it should be said that one can expect Nokia 600 (Cindy) and Nokia 500 (Fate) to be based on the Symbian Anna OS. A few days back it was reported that a 1 GHz-based S40 smartphone is to come out soon. One of these beauties could be the one specified in this announcement.

It can also be recalled that, a short time after the S60

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