Techberry TB 007: India's First Wrist Phone

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Techberry TB 007: India's First Wrist Phone
Today mobiles have become more of an accessory rather than a necessary and as such manufacturers have begun experimenting new designs and trends in mobiles and mobile related technologies. The fever has spread to India as well with manufactures trying to bring out innovative styling elements in phones here also.

The latest in that line up in Techberry when it launched the first Wrist phone in India. Yes you heard it right it is not wrist watch that is mentioned here but a true wrist phone.

Upon hearing it you might feel a bit awkward but look at the picture alongside to see for yourself. The model is christened by Techberry as Techberry TB 007. The phone can be worn on your wrist like any conventional watch and the only difference of it from your stylish Titan and Rolex is that you can actually use it as your mobile also.

The stylish Techberry TB 007 will feature a full touch screen display of 1.5 inch size and will be designed with a fiber material of very high quality. The phone will be equipped with a standard Li ion battery and will come with a standby time of 2 days along with a talk time that could stretch all the way to 1.5 hours.

It has all sorts of mini entertainment and multimedia specs like music player, FM radio and even has headphone jacks.

It allows users to chat using SMS and offers good screen resolution for viewing contents. Techberry TB 007even has a USB port. Thus for its minimal size it has way too many features and the best part is that the list is not yet over.

Techberry TB 007 has a 1.3 Mega Pixel camera that also facilitates video recording in VGA format.
These sorts of features are never before seen in such a minimal sized device before in India.

The notable Techberry TB 007 features are

Full touch screen display
1.3 Mega Pixel camera
Video recording and playback
Music player
FM radio

The company has announced that only 150 units of Techberry TB 007 will be up for grabs currently in India and you can get yours from its exclusive store in Chennai. A few more will be made available in the coming months and the company plans a pan India roll out this year itself.

If the model becomes a success then the company hopes to introduce a 3G variant soon. Thus now you can grab your hands on a device you usually see in James Bond movies.

Techberry TB 007 is priced at around Rs 9000 and we hope it becomes a new trend setter.

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