Tesco Sends The Galaxy S6 For A Space Tour

Tesco was very enthusiastic about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The overenthusiasnm of the company was clearly evident as it went all out sending one unit into space.

Samsung Galaxy S6 In Pictures

Tesco Sends The Galaxy S6 For A Space Tour

The phone is tied to a special balloon and is accompanied by three GoPro cameras which are monitoring its every move out in space.

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The Space balloon was launched from an undisclosed location in UK's Peak District national park. The balloon elevated to a height of 32.5km to the edge of space, survived winds of 160kmh and also faced a temperature drop as low as -57 degree Celsius.

The journey of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be followed on a YouTube channel. The stream will broadcast live over here.

Tesco Sends The Galaxy S6 For A Space Tour

There's an element of competition to the whole event, and the person who tweets 'DROP' and '#S6EdgeOfSpace' at the exact moment the balloon bursts, will win the phone.

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Once it starts falling own a new competition will be launched. With the crowd now tweeting 'LAND' and the same hashtag, trying to guess the time of landing. A Galaxy S6 edge will be up for grabs in this one.

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