These Google Nexus 360 Concepts Look Breathtaking: Here's a Closer Look

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The basic idea of a concept phone is brilliant. While there's no assurance that the handset will ever see the light of the day, but we have a slight idea on what the future holds for us. The new Google Nexus 360 concept images serve the same deal.

The Nexus 360 concepts are just the new ones to join the list of concepts that are currently making rounds on the web. Apparently, the vision here is a smartphone that can also be converted into wearable for further use.

These Google Nexus 360 Concepts Look Breathtaking: A Closer Look

These new Google Nexus 360 concepts, a brain child of the guys over at 91mobiles, show off a host of different5 designs and variant for the handset. In fact, one of those show off a 5-inch smartphone that can bend over backwards to become a smart watch.

Another impressive feature that we see from most of these concept images is the fact that some of them have a sidepanel e-ink display for notifications. While the other side of it shows off a slim Bluetooth device that looks so much like a stylus.

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"With the flood of mobile computing devices, users now prefer carrying a single device that can take on multiple roles and adapt as per needs," 91mobiles rightfully puts.

"Next, wearable technology is evolving rapidly, but the approach is still very fragmented since most existing products can't be used standalone.Device security and multiple notifications are two other areas that are often pain-points for consumers."

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Here's a closer look at all the concepts for the handset.

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Concept 1

This concept shows off a handset that's always ready to be folded into a wearable

Concept 2

This one shows off the handset in a side angle view

Concept 3

This one is a frontal image of the concept

Concept 4

This one shows off the overall build of the handset and how it elongates in the rear

Concept 5

Here's a side angel view of the handset, again

Concept 6

This one shows off how the handset looks when folded into a smartband

Concept 7

Another concept image of the handset in all the angles

Concept 8

Another concept of how the handset looks when folded

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