Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

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    Hunting for the ultimate smartphone? If you want to know what the best smartphone on the market is, then you've come to the right place.

    We have listed those top 10 smartphones, which can be termed as 'best' in the market and are promising their users a premium feel, outstanding performance and the best product worth every penny they sell.

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    Do take a look at the top 10 best smartphones for 2015 and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Samsung Galaxy S6: The Ultimate Phone

    Samsung finally kicked out the plastic for its latest smartphone design and, aside from a couple of reservations, the result is a triumph.

    The S6 looks glorious with Gorilla Glass 4 at the front and rear and colored metal beneath it to give it a glitzy, shimmering look.

    The highlight, however, is the improved camera, which now boasts optical image stabilization and a wide f/1.9 aperture for stunning image capture in all conditions.

    The S6 edge is just as good and arguably the more attractive device, but its unusual curved screen and the fact that there's no 32GB option bumps the price of an already expensive phone up to an eye-watering Rs. 47,799.

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Samung Galaxy S5: Feature Rich Phone

    There's an awful lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S5, it's good looking, tough, big, feature rich and we love the user-replaceable battery and memory expansion. The Galaxy S6 might have stolen its flagship thunder, but with the S5 now turns up free on contract for as little as Rs. 1,434 a month, it remains a cracking smartphone in every way.

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    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Maximum Battery Life

    The Galaxy Note Edge takes the guts of the Galaxy Note 4 and bolts on a funky curved-edge display. It is, as you'd imagine, bloody brilliant in almost every sense - the performance, stylus input, camera are all absolutely top notch. But that curved display, as alluringly high-tech as it is, swells the overall cost and impacts upon both battery life and build quality. If you can spare the cash, though, it's an absolute stormer.

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Outstanding Display, Best Phablet

    Its thunder may have been well and truly stolen by the Note Edge, but don't be put off: the Galaxy Note 4 remains a giant amongst Android phones. The crystal-clear Quad HD display and redesigned body go hand-in-hand with improved performance, battery life, camera quality and a peerless range of features - this remains one of the best big-screened phones out there, and prices have begun to come down.

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Apple iPhone 6: Supreme And Powerful

    It's a brave new world for Apple's larger iPhone, and it's much the better for it. Super-fast, beautiful to look at and lovely to use. It's the dictionary definition of a flagship handset.

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    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Strong And Sturdy

    Apple's 5.5in giant isn't for everyone, but for some it may prove the perfect mid-point between an iPad and iPhone. And contrary to initial reports, our long-term review sample hasn't suffered from any undue bending - it's remained rock-solid in the face of all the abuse we've dished out.

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Google Nexus 6: Excellent Camera, Latest Android OS

    The Nexus 6 has taken us by surprise. Once you sidle past the unavoidable fact of its gargantuan size, there's an awful lot it does right. Battery life is good, the camera is excellent, and the build and design quality are second to none. And although its rivals hold an edge over it in many areas, the differences aren't huge.

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    OnePlus One: Built To Be The Best

    It looks elegant, feels solid and performs smoothly, and it doesn't show any signs that it's a first-generation product from an unknown company. Regardless of how well it sells, the industry will see this as a benchmark for what an affordable phone really can be. All told, it outperforms Google's Nexus 5 in nearly every way -- and it does so at an even lower price.

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    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Asus Zenfone 2: Extreme Storage Capacity

    Zenfone 2 is the smartphone in the world to offer so much of memory. As you can expect, the dual-channel RAM will make multitasking and gaming a breeze, and you will never have to worry about lag or stuttering while using the smartphone. Asus has suggested a price tag of approximately Rs 25,000 (and definitely under Rs 30,000 even with all the taxes).

    Top 10 Best Smartphones Available In The Market Now

    Xiaomi Mi 4i: Unique Design, Powerful Hardware

    Xiaomi has made quite an impact on the Indian market. The Xiaomi Mi 4i comes with a unibody design that lends it a very solid look and feel. It's built from high-quality polycarbonate which is atypical of devices at this price point. At first glance, the Mi 4i looks similar to the iPhone 5c - the multi-coloured variants certainly adding to that impression - but the matte finish and the materials used mean that in terms of look and feel the Mi 4i is closer to some of the high-end Lumia devices than the iPhone 5c.


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