Top 10 Smartphone Camera Lenses For the Photographer Inside You

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We are not going into the nearly endless discussion about how popular smartphones have become in recent times. In fact, what makes a smartphone more attractive is something of a trend. And let us tell you that the options are endless.

But be it a smartphone or a feature phone from yesteryears, upping the glamour quotient of a handset has been in practice since we can't recall when. Even a few years back, you must have come across a host of goodies (including phone covers) that flew off store shelves with everyone getting knee deep into the trend.

Top 10 Smartphone Camera Lenses For the Photographer Inside You

But with times moving faster than we think, technology is not only growing, it's also evolving to meet the demands of the new age users. And while the market gets bigger and bigger, so does its accessory market. Although some prefer to leave the phone the way it is.

Heading deeper into the article, smartphone cameras have easily become one of the top selling points, as well as the most important part of modern smartphones. In fact, more people are enticed by the kind of output a camera can offer in the long run.

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Keeping the discussion limited to the iPhones for the time being, with major numbers of changes and tweaks made to the device's camera, the want for a separate camera accessory has become the order of the day.

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But which are the ones that stand tall among others in terms of design, looks and functionality? And are these worth your time and money? We take a look at the top 10.

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Smartphone Camera Accessory: Clip-On Camera Lenses

The Clip-On Camera Lenses are the most effective if you have self-portrait photography on your mind. These two lenses clip on to your smartphone, making the device shot ready every time you want it. Note that the case-compatible lenses mount with a two-piece metal ring and bayonet system.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Remote Rotational Cameras

The remote rotational cameras for iPhones come courtesy of Motrr Galileo. It's basically an iOS-controlled robotic platform that's also compatible with a host of iPhone models. The attachment can be controlled by a simple swipe of the finger to direct the camera.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Photo Handles

Brought to you by Belkin, the iPhone Shutter Grip attaches itself to the phone and provides a great handle for users, This allows users to take better shots with a steadier hand. Shutter Grip is an ergonomic attachment that also adds a photo and video button where people are most comfortable.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Metal Cases with Attachment

The Factron Metal Gear Cases for iPhone and iPads have a heavy metal look about themselves. It actually looks past the somewhat minimalistic design of the iPhone and clads it with metal in every corner. Also, the case gives the ability to add custom lenses to the iPhone camera.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Rotating Camera

This iPhone Lens dial is a brilliant addition for all the professional photographers out there. It's basically an iPhone case with a rotating lens attachment that offers different imaging options each time, according to your needs.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic photography stands as an integral part for a photographer. This baby, the GoPano Micro camcorder, has the ability to capture an entire environment. This device can clipped onto your mobile phone, as an outward cone, offering a great visual output.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Selfie Remotes

Since this is the age of selfies, we cannot go ahead without talking a thing or two about selfies. And if you love clicking a good selfie, the Smartphone Camera Remote ensures that you are always ready. It also comes with a downloadable app that automatically syncs and connects to the device.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Microscope Adapters

This Magnifi iPhone photoadapter connects to optical instruments such as binoculars, microscopes or telescopes that offers tiny objects seeable through the phone.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: Mega-Zoom Adapters

You need not carry around your big DSLR everywhere you go. In fact, these mega zoom adapters will allow you the same functionality as that of the DSLR and take photos as the adapter lens is the perfect fit.

Smartphone Camera Accessory: The Media Inspired Ones

This baby, the Paparazzo iPhone Camera Flash, as the name suggests, has been inspired by what Paparazzi's used in the days long back. The attachment greatly enhances the visibility of the subject by providing ample illumination.

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