Top 10 Technologies Available in your Smartphone Right Now

    "Necessity is the mother of all inventions."

    So yet again the age old question persists. How can life get easier with technology racing ahead? What more can be done to fit all you need at the size of your pocket? Well, the question persists and will keep persisting since us humans are always looking for new ways to achieve the same.

    The culmination of all the things that can bring more comfort in life has now bundled in to a smartphone of the current ages. Smartphones are called smartphones for a reason. Mostly because they can now match almost all your needs in almost all the sectors.

    Top 10 Technologies Available in your Smartphone Right Now


    Most of the features that are now present on a smartphone have all been on the feature phones of yesteryear. However, the quality is what matters here. And if you see closely, the quality of most of these features have improved over time.

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    As we said before, the basic job of a smartphone is to make your life as easy as possible. Hence, devices are now incorporated with a number of features that are meant for all sectors of life.

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    But if we take a look at the most basic additions that have been made to smartphones, you will notice that almost all you need is present. Hence we take a look at the top 10 features that help in your everyday life, present in your smartphone.

    Keeping fit is a major thing for most of the people around us (unless you prefer being a couch potato, like me). And fitness has already become one of the top sectors almost all the handset makers are focusing on in 2014. Be it Sony or Samsung, the devices are filled with a host of health tracking features that notify you on the amount of calories you have burned to checking out your blood pressure.

    Since the days of early travelers, getting lost has been a major issue. While in the past, the northern stars were a marker for sailors to sort out where land could be. Now, however, you just require the satellite system overhead to send details about your whereabouts on your phone. Hence, getting lost is essentially a thing of the past.

    This one may not be available on smartphones, but is still one of the best things we have seen out of a handset. Smartphones these days come with an universal remote embedded inside that can be used to control anything in your home (let alone the idiot box). And the treat gets even better if you have an automated home.

    Power cuts may still not be a thing of the past in India, but handsets now come ready with pre-loaded flashlights that help you see in the dark. While most of the handsets in the past offered a different torchlight sensor, most now a days use the flash sensor on the device camera.

    There's hardly a smartphone in the market that you will see arriving without a camera offering. Cameras are somewhat coming by default these days in all sorts and shapes. And on top of that, the cameras come with a host of editing options that make the treat even more special.

    We seriously don't know what's the role of a projector in a smartphone, but still smartphones are in fact offering the same. The projectors, as you may understand, is required to play movies or videos on a bigger, flatter surface. Like a wall.

    Be it Siri, be it Google Now or be it Cortana, Voice Assistants are a major thing. The idea of getting all your work done simply by speaking to you smartphone is brilliant, actually. And while the technology is still in its early days, a lot is expected in the days coming up.

    MP3 player on a handset aren't new things. In fact, they have been there since time immemorial. However, with new advances made in that sector in terms of music and so, you will now find more and more new features being added to it.

    The addition of a calculator isn't a biggie, in terms of smartphones. However, compared to the calculators we had earlier for phones, this time around the calculators come with a host of features: such as turning it into a scientific calculator with a single tap.

    This one, i personally wish, was never there. Waking up is a painful ordeal everyday. And with a smartphone now making sure you do, pain is amplified. However, for normal folks like you'll, alarm is one of the mist important features that you use everyday. Easily one of top innovations on a phone.

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