Top 5 Best NFC Smartphones to Buy in India

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Top 5 Best NFC Smartphones to Buy in India

The popularity of smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) is rapidly gaining momentum with handset manufacturers starting to produce more and more devices that support NFC technology.

NFC technology is similar to how Bluetooth technology works, but NFC is less on power consumption and connection interruption. Whenever an NFC-enabled device is close to another NFC-enabled device, it triggers the NFC sensors on both devices and allows both devices to send messages to each other.

NFC devices are growing and it soon it will reach a point where NFC will be widespread in sectors like social networking, e-commerce, identifying of documents and more.

Consumers can use their NFC-enabled smartphones to pay for their purchases. Also, with NFC, they can share valuable information such as maps, contacts, apps, and a whole lot more.

As of now, here is a list of few hot selling smartphones that have NFC support. 

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