Top iPhone 5 rumours

Posted By: Rahul

Top iPhone 5 rumours

Apple's iPhone has always been a hit among the people of the world. Apple has up till now released various iPhone versions. The latest Apple iPhone version is the Apple iPhone 4S. It is a proven fact that Apple makes more money through its iPhone sales than the combined sales of all the Microsoft products. When this is the scenario, people expect Apple to bring out newer versions of all its products, especially the iPhone.

A rumoured iPhone 5 is on the cards. This smartphone reportedly has various never-before seen features. A lot of rumours are doing the rounds regarding the iPhone 5. Here are a few of the top rumours that you will find interesting:

1) Release in 2012: The iPhone 5 's top rumour is its release date. There are rumours that state that the iPhone 5 is going to be released by the mid of 2012. This, thankfully till now is only a rumour.

2) Quad Core Processor: A quad core processor is rumoured to be incorporated in the iPhone 5. This processor is reportedly the 1GHz A4 processor. At the iPhone level this news is a rumour. This can be true as far as the next generation iPads are concerned.

3) 3D Display: The display screen of the iPhone 5 is rumoured to be 3D compliant.

4) Waterproofing in iPhone 5: Waterproofing technology that was displayed in the CES 2012 is reportedly going to be incorporated in the smartphone.

5) Long Lasting battery: A never-before seen battery with an immensely high backup and talktime is going to drive the iPhone 5.

All the above facts are only rumours, it is still not clear if Apple itself has all these ideas to implement on the iPhone 5, if there is any?

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