Upcoming Nokia Lumia 720 successor With Windows Phone 8.1 Leaked

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Microsoft has been continuously rumored to bring a selfie-centric smartphone to the market that would sport an impressive front-face camera. And while the rumors keep churnning out, it seems the successor to the Nokia Lumia 720 has already been leaked.

AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications, has released an interesting infographic that contains data on Windows Phone ecosystem.

Upcoming Nokia Lumia 720 successor With Windows Phone 8.1 Leaked

In fact, there's a list inside that shows new Windows Phone devices that haven't been released on the market yet. However, some of them have already been announced by thier makers.

"Even though we only know the smartphone by its codename, there's a high chance that this will be launched on the market sometime this year as Nokia Lumia 730. However, this is just a pure guess, so take it as such," Softpedia states.

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Touted as Nokia Lumia 730, not much is known about the device at the moment. However, it should be a mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device, and is expected to come with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, an Adreno 305 graphics processing unit, and a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen display that supports HD (720p) resolution.

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"The smartphone will have a 'slightly altered design from Lumia 720' and is expected to be launched in August. Unfortunately, it's unclear whether or not the smartphone will be released on the market in August or Microsoft will only unveil the device around that timeframe," the report adds.

Additional details on the smartphone are expected to arrive in days to come.

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