Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone Expected Soon In India

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Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook Phone Expected Soon In India
Facebook is just the biggest thing to have happened on the Internet in almost the entire life span of the internet from its inception till now. The social networking wonder has now more than 700 Million users on it as per latest records and more than 500 million users access the site daily from over 125 different countries. Facebook has made the world more connected than ever before and the saying that people use Facebook because they are more interested in knowing what is on other people's mind seems to be magically proved.

The allegations and controversies surrounding the development of Facebook and also the various reported privacy invasion problems have so far failed to urge users from refraining to use the phenomenon.

The massive popularity of Facebook has resulted in the site being accessible in micro and full blown versions in mobile phones worldwide. People want to stay connected to their Facebook accounts wherever they are and as such Facebook usage has been on the rise using mobile phones.

Manufacturers have integrated the Facebook app in their mobile phones to enable users to access their Facebook accounts instantly with the touch of a button. Keeping up with the trend, Vodafone one of the World's largest Telecom service providers has introduced a Facebook phone christened the Vodafone 555 Blue in the UK.

The decision for the manufacturer to launch the Vodafone Facebook phone in the UK is somewhat confusing because the phone would have enjoyed a bigger success in emerging markets like India and China rather than in the UK.

Vodafone 555 Blue is a bare minimalist when it comes to features as the phone will operate on Vodafone's own propitiatory Java based OS rather than with a version of the Android OS that is now found extensively in use in various parts of the world.

Vodafone 555 Blue is manufactured by TCL and it provides internet access only through the EDGE technology found in it. The Vodafone Facebook phone does not offer 3G or Wi-Fi internet connectivity. It comes with a 2 Mega Pixel camera and also has a Micro SD slot for expansion of memory. It has a physical QWERTY keypad and a small 2.8 inch screen.

Vodafone 555 Blue has a dedicated Facebook button like the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa but an interesting fact about Vodafone 555 Blue is that new users will instantly log into their Facebook accounts or will be offered a registration procedure if they do not have one, as soon as the phone is turned on.

The Vodafone Facebook phone will be up for grabs for less than $100 and is expected to hit the Asian markets like India soon.

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