Vodafone Accidentally Confirms the Use of nanoSIM cards in the next iPhone

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Vodafone Accidentally Confirms the Use of nanoSIM cards in the next iPhone

Vodafone seems to have leaked an important update about the upcoming iPhone. As per the reports, Vodafone confirmed that the next iPhone awaiting release will use nanoSIM cards. The report was published prematurely by Vodafone UK in a blog post. 

The post also featured images of the existing SIM card for iPhone and the next nanoSIM cards designed for upcoming iPhone. NanoSIM is expected to be 40% smaller compared to the existing microSIM. This type of SIM is designed to allow more space for including other components inside the body panel of the device. 

It has to be noted that though Apple played a vital role in the creation of nanoSIM they lost control over the evolution of nanoSIM standards. But from the reports leaked by Vodafone, it seems that Apple is back to exploring nanoSIM cards in their new iPhone version. Apple’s new iPhone is expected to be announced officially in a press event later today. 

Vodafone UK was seen stating in the blog, “We have now got 500,000 of the new 12.3mm x 8.8mm nano-SIMs in stock.” Speculations of Apple planning to launch multiple phones cannot be discarded since the Blog stated ‘devices’ instead of validating the availability of a single device. Fans from all across the world are eagerly waiting for the official announcement from Apple. 

Source: TheVerge

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