Want To Know More About Next iPhone? Take a look At Your iPod Touch First

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What's the next iPhone from Apple will be like? What new features or new design will the smartphone adopt? These are the kind of questions that flood our mind when we talk about the next iPhone. However, it seems like evidence to that is right in front of our eyes (somewhat).

Keeping aside the numerous theories and leaks related to the concept images of the next iPhone, according to reports, if you really want to get a sneak preview of the new device design, just take a closer look at the latest iPod touch.

Want To Know More About Next iPhone? Take a look At Your iPod Touch

There's a brand new video from Unbox Therapy that's really going viral on the web. The video takes up the topic of the kind of design Apple will adopt for the next iPhone and tells viewers to take a closer look at the design on the new iPod touch if they are to guess the new device's design.

In the video (see below), as scripted by Huffington Post, Unbox Therapy -- a YouTube show that focuses on gadgets and technology -- makes use of a leaked iPhone 6 case to compare the thickness and design of the iPod Touch with the potential new iPhone 6.

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The device case that's in question has already started making rounds on the Internet after well-known leaker Sonny Dickson first got his hands on it from a source, he said, who has "an excellent track record."

While it goes without saying that the everything in the video has to be taken with a pinch of salt for the time being, the video has still been tagged by Forbes as a video that contains the "first tangible, physical evidence of what the form factor of the iPhone 6 will be." And that might be enough to make a lot of people believe.

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Interestingly, the case fits in with the thickness of latest generation iPod Touch and even offers a perfect fit with the iPod Touch's longer volume buttons.

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