What is the best iPhone alternative?

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What is the best iPhone alternative?

iPhone is a great success all over the world. The latest one in the series, the iPhone 4S has sold over 10 million units in the just two months. But it is not for everyone and there are few good alternatives to the smartphone.

Especially, for all those who wanted a larger or smaller display and a physical keyboard, the Apple device is not the right one. Even those who are looking for some customization will have to choose some other device.

There are many other manufacturers producing great devices. However, the best alternative is what we want to mention here. With the next generation iPhone expected to be known as iPhone 5 is rumored to launch this year, we have to be ready with the alternative.

The Android phones are good with lot of apps that are similar to that of the ones in iPhone. Moreover, these phones comes with large displays with some of them exceeding 4.5 inches. New models keep coming every now and then. This makes it hard to recommend a handset.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Models are really impressive with good design and looks. They are the best iPhone alternatives. The Galaxy Note, Galaxy Beam and the upcoming Galaxy S3 are to be mentioned. The Galaxy S3 is into lot of rumors just like the iPhone 5. These devices have to be released to remove more knots.

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