Why Apple iPhone 5S is Not a Worthy Successor?: Top 5 Misses


After the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple is no more recognized as an innovator. Yesterday, CEO Tim Cook announced iPhone 5S, a successor to current generation iPhone. For the first time, international press criticized Apple for making such a bizarre move. Apple iPhone 5S is an expensive looking toy with least improvements seen, ever in a new iPhone model. The transition from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S was incremental in many ways.


When Samsung launched Galaxy S4 earlier this year, trade pundits panned gesture control features, saying "it's a pure marketing gimmick". Now, the same can be said about the iPhone 5S as well. Even though Apple continued to exuberate A7 chipset fitted inside iPhone 5S - notably its 64-bit architecture. But logically speaking, a smartphone need to have damn freaking battery to handle complicated graphics. Apple iPhone 5S doesn't have high charged battery.

The coming of fingerprint sensor is a welcoming move, but it is to be seen how quick a scanner recognize in doing a set operations. The industry is divided over the improved camera sensor used to make iPhone 5S more DSLR type. Today, we decided to feature top five misses attached with Apple iPhone 5S. If you are using an iPhone 5, better stick with it. iPhone 5S is a sheer waste of money.

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Why Apple iPhone 5S is Not a Worthy Successor?: Top 5 Misses


On one side Apple is all alone making a 4-inch high-end device. And on the other hand, there are tech vendors including Samsung, Sony and Huawei, who believe that consumers have accepted to the fact that bigger screen phones are here to stay. Apple iPhone 5S comes with a 4-inch Retina display. Do you think an iPhone 4S user has a reason to upgrade to Apple iPhone 5S?


Apple iPhone 5S is unbelievably look similar to iPhone 5S. Apart from changes made in the physical home button, there is not a single big improvement that would woo a buyer to get iPhone 5S. The new Apple iPhone 5S is as thick as last gen iPhone. For a change, Golden colored iPhone 5S might appeal select sections of the society.



Apple claims that iPhone 5S is 40 % faster than the first gen iPhone. C'mon, who would like to compare an iPhone launched back in 2007 with iPhone 5S. The new Apple iPhone 5S is said to be the world's first 64-bit smartphone. What does it means? It will still run 32-bit apps, while phone's native apps will support 64-bit A7 chipset. But the issue is not fast and zippy A7 chipset; it's the battery that could make the experience lazy.

Battery life

Apple iPhone 5S doesn't have a solid battery life. The iPod maker is promoting iPhone 5S as a DSLR killer as well as gaming powerhouse. Without exceptional battery, these prolific achievements are of no news.

Non expandable memory and Price

Apple iPhone 5S comes with fixed storage capacities. You can purchase the device in 16GB/32GB/64GB options. Before launch, it was said that iPhone 5S would arrive in 128GB of ROM. When most of the Android phones these days have an option to expand internal storage, what makes Apple so shy to add such a demanding feature? Wrong pricing could make Apple sink even further in emerging markets including India and China. The iPhone 5C, a cheaper version of iPhone, is set to retail for Rs. 46,000 in China.

Probably, Apple iPhone 5C would be priced similar to Chinese pricing. If Apple is planning to charge Rs. 46,000 from Indian consumers to buy iPhone 5C , then you can imagine the retail price of iPhone 5S. If an Indian consumer is not willing to spend Rs. 45,500 on an iPhone 5, forget that Apple could ever sell iPhone 5S in large numbers. We estimate iPhone 5S to cost above Rs. 50,000 in the Indian market.

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