Why smartphones lack Guest Mode?

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Why smartphones lack Guest Mode?


If you have got an all new smartphone that is quite cool in the market recently and go to meet your friends, then definitely yo would have heard your friends saying 'Can I take a look at your phone?' Then you might think about the tabs that you have left open in your browser and the photos that you forgot to delete and more.

In this case you are left only with two options, either hand over your smartphone to them before they get too curious or say no and act like a weirdo who will not give the phone to anyone even for a second. Now don't you feel how nice it would be to have a Guest Mode on your smartphone?

The smartphones are marching towards the ubiquity and this increases the trend of passing them between friends. Above all, we store more private junk on your phones and literally forget about these. Remember all the stored voicemails, photos and logged in social networks. The dream of most smartphone users will be to have some kind of guest mode in their device to prevent the others from viewing out private and personal content.

Here is the dream of having one screen lock and two PINs. One is for the you, who owns the smartphone and the other is for the rest of them who handle the device. This way you can give your phone to all but restrict them the access to view all that is present.

For isntance, you would surely not mind your friends to boot the Google Maps or read some articles on the net. But you need not make them reach all the that is there in your device within a tap or two. So there are two PINs. The first one is a private PIN that you will punch in to unlock your device as usual and the second one is the guest PIN that will hide the private content from the prying eyes.

The Guest Mode will hide the browsing history, the photos and also a selected list of apps from the view of others. This way, you can be relaxed and also give your device to others when they ask for without any concerns about the personal content.

A similar kind of system is there for Android but they are single purpose apps that like the games and other activities for kids that can only be exited with a password and there is nothing that is implemented to the entire system like the Guest Mode. Why can't Google, Apple and Microsoft develop this?

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