Windows Phone 10 Could be fitted with Stand-Alone Mail App, Says Reports

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There have been numerous reports on how Microsoft has started building its brand new Windows Phone 10 operating system. And although we are yet to get anything official out of the new OS, it seems the first bit of news has already arrived.

According to reports, with the new OS approaching fast, Microsoft may launch an entirely separate mail app for Windows Phone 10. Apparently, the new mail client would allow the company to properly capitalize on the popularity of the Hotmail brand.

Windows Phone 10 Could be fitted with Stand-Alone Mail App

The REM reports, "we have received internal intelligence from within Microsoft that they are now planning to re-build the Hotmail brand." It further adds that "the company is now bringing back the Hotmail brand name with the introduction of a brand new application for the Microsoft owned Windows Phone OS."

In fact, the new feature will be introduced as ‘Hotmail' application, which is an e-mail manager that will take care of all your e-mail uses. As it seems, the Hotmail application is introduced as an effort to refresh the brand name.

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While official details aren't available, the report claims that the re-branding was done "because it was an internal conflict that the then CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer had - and there is an internal rumor which indicates that the man was never fond of the ‘hotmail' brand and thought it was harmful for the company's future."

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