Windows Phone 8.1 Could Feature Conversation Muting Option

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Going by the current market trends, when the smartphone domain is ruled by the likes of Android and iOS, it can be quite difficult for others in the race such as BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone to actually find some kind of momentum to actually impose their dominance.

However, with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release up at hand, Microsoft is looking to add features that will not only be appealing to users, but will offer easer interface similar to Android and iOS. And one feature, as reports claim, could be the option to mute conversations.

Windows Phone 8.1 Could Feature Conversation Muting Option

The conversation muting option, which could be quite useful as well as impressive in terms of getting a way out of a group SMS that you were forcibly pulled into, is a feature that will be available in the messaging app and will allow users to choose exactly which are the persons he or she wants to receive notifications for the same from.

As revealed via Windows Pro Central: "The muting feature can reportedly be used on a conversation with an individual or a group. This isn't the same as blocking someone, instead when you mute a contact, you'll still receive their messages."

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"The only difference is that muted conversations won't notify you or show up in the Live Tile count. Conversations can just as easily be un-muted. That's a handy feature for that one relative or friend who just messages too much."

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Apart from that, there's another feature which offers the ability to set an app as default for voice navigation. And this could be a great feature if anyone is using a third-party app for navigation.

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