Windows Phone 8 Upcoming Handsets to Support 1080p Full HD Display And Quad Core Processor

By: Anuj Bhatia

Late last year, Bloomberg, reported that HTC is not in a mood to launch Zenith, a WP8 handset with 4.7-inch display with Full HD resolution. The reason for not releasing HTC Zenith is due to the fact that Windows Phone 8 does not support 1080p Full HD resolution.

While there are many flagship handsets powered by Android that uses Full HD native resolution. Well, The Verge reports that Microsoft will support 1080p resolution in the form of an update called General Distribution Release (GDR). The update is expected to be rolled out as early as this holiday season. It is also believed that the new update will initially mark the coming of Quad-Core processors powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Currently, Windows Phone 8 handsets are limited to WVGA, WXVGA, and 720p resolutions. It would be an incremental update not only for hardware manufacturers, who are stuck with same old technologies but also for Microsoft as a key software vendor.

Windows Phone 8 Upcoming Handsets to Support 1080p Full HD Display

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The update has a potential to ignite consumer interests in the WP8 in general. Nokia, a major partner making devices based on WP8 mobile OS , could announce a 5-inch phablet device this fall or early January , 2014. As of now, the Finnish giant has no plans to announce bigger screen handsets. In the first half of the year, expect two high-devices from Nokia with 720p resolution display. The Nokia Lumia 928 is expected to be announced later this month in the US. While a WP8 handset with 41-mega pixel camera, is also believed to be coming this summer.

HTC, the struggling handset manufacturer, who just announced its last quarter results, would likely to take advantage of GDR update. The firm had to cancel HTC Zenith at later stage, as per various reports.

The Taiwan based tech vendor has expertise in making Full HD Android based handsets. The recent one includes: HTC Butterfly, and recently launched HTC One with 4.7-inch display with Full HD resolution. Samsung, another player who makes devices based on WP8, would be interested in making Full HD handsets too. The South Korean giant had come up with Ativ S, a handset based on Windows Phone 8, last year. Although, the device didn't sell that well still there are chances to see Ativ S2 with giant screen with 1080p Full HD resolution.

Microsoft is also working on the next -version of WP8. As per software giant statement, both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 support ends in July 2014. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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