Windows phones plan for 2012 leaks out

Posted By: Rahul

Windows phones plan for 2012 leaks out

The year 2011 has almost come to an end. Mobile manufacturing companies, both who tasted success this year and those who didn’t are planning to make 2012 a successful year. It’s very much expected that popular mobile handset manufacturers have made some plans which they are keeping confidential, probably planning for a big surprise.

But not everything stays confidential and hidden though. With Nokia Lumia sporting Microsoft’s Windows phone 7.5 Mango operating systems gradually dominating the market; people started expecting more from Windows. Apparently, their expectations might give them a surprise soon from Windows. But unfortunately for Windows, their plans aren’t going to be a surprise because recently one of the roadmaps from Windows leaked out.

Reportedly, the roadmap is Windows’ plan for next year. Some clues about the new releases in Windows platform next year are currently available. The roadmap which leaked is said to have been updated last October. The leaked Windows roadmap noticeably states about Windows Tango and Apollo and their features that we would be able to experience after their release.

As per the details in the roadmaps, Windows Phone 7 Tango update would make the host handset have the best price tags. This means that, in 2012, we can expect mobile handsets running in Windows phone OS to be pretty affordable most likely with entry-level specifications. Affordable Windows phones have the potential to topple the mobile handset market, even with Android phones dominating.

Disappointingly, it is not yet confirmed whether Windows phones with tango update would feature LTE. But reportedly, we just have to wait a little bit longer till the release of the Apollo update next year, which would definitely support LTE. The Tango update is just to make the Windows handsets affordable to ordinary people. What we should count on, is the release of Apollo, which will have all the ingredients to make things interesting for handsets.

Apollo, as per the details in the roadmap, won’t be released till the final quarter of 2012. Considering all the facts and features of Apollo, it is pretty clear that Apollo update would give rise to competitive superphones running in Windows Phone operating systems. HD screens, dual Core processors, and cool hardware are just possibilities. We can’t imagine for sure what Windows Phone has in store for us. All we can do now is waiting and hope the update would bring a big wide smile to our mouths. The leaked info is tentative and may change.

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