Understanding Slang Language Through The Woteva Application!

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Understanding Slang Language Through The Woteva Application!
The art of technology is simply fantastic. The latest gadgets and the new improved applications to cater to all your phones can be a real treat to the older generation. As per reports, your iPhone can now sport the latest application on it which is called as the 'Woteva application'. A real good deal for parents who are raising teenagers. It is said that this Woteva application for iPhones helps you to translate the slang words of teenagers which are common in their dictionary, 'Teenglish', introduced in 2008.

The Woteva application is a major relief for parents who are bringing up teens in order to keep up with the age gap. The technology of today is fast improved and this woteva application for iphones can make all your doubts on the slang language, understood!

It is said that this new application for iPhones will not only create an understanding but also creates an awareness of what teenagers are up to these days for this phrase in life is the most difficult.

The translator which will make the Woteva application come alive is to help translate around 100 words or phrases helping the older generation be one with that to teenagers.

The only question here lies is teenagers ready for this ultimate change in technology , which will bombard their life?

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