Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI Redefining Android: Here's Everything You Need to Know

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In case you aren't aware about what exactly the MIUI is, take a cue from the recently released host of smartphones from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, especially the Xiaomi Mi3.

The MIUI interface has been brought to life via Xiaomi Tech, It is basically a stock and aftermarket firmware meant for smartphones and tablets. The big difference here is in the fact that the interface features a heavily modified and hard-coded user interface.

Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI Redefining Android: Here's Everything You Need to Know

This hard-coded user interface takes away the Android app drawer, while visual comparisons can be made with Apple's iOS and Samsung's TouchWiz UI. But most importantly, it offers that fresh new look at Android that the OS has been crying out for so long.

Xiaomi's MIUI has been programmed to put all your apps on the home screen, wgile removing the app drawer that you so often see on most other Android smartphones that are available in the market.

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In fact, the custom ROM for the same includes additional functionality that's not found in stock Android. The list includes a fully theme-enabled user interface, new music options, refined gallery and camera apps, and an alarm clock that makes itself heard even if the device is turned off.

Xiaomi is anyway expected to go the distance among the other prime Chinese handset makers in the Indian market. The smartphones the company revealed in a recently held event are built to last. And with the fresh new MIUI by its side, the challenge just got a whole lot bigger.

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But how exactly is the new MIUI interface different from what Android has been offering over the years? What are its core features and functionalities? We take a look at few of those.

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Xiaomi MIUI Features: Dedicated Privacy Protection

You will be happy to know that the Xiaomi-made MIUI has been quipped with Kingsoft, Wall-E, LBE and other security software to protect in-device contents. It has a dedicated Anti-Spam that will now offer a variety of anti-spam features including built-in filters that automatically stop spam text messages.

Apart from that, the interface has also been integrated with one of the most comprehensive Kingsoft virus scanning software to protect the phone from suspected malwares and other security risks.

Xiaomi MIUI Features: New Levels of Customization

The Xiaomi-made MIUI has been filled with a host of personalized themes, numerous lockscreens and a variety of MiSpace to choose from. You can choose from thousands of themes from the online store, while dealing with numerous lockscreens that offer yet new ways to unlock your phone.

Xiaomi MIUI Features: Private Messaging Option

The phone's private messaging feature is one of the most useful additions you will come across in the MIUI interface. To access it, the user has to drag down the messaging app after opening it. Doing that will reveal the hidden private messaging screen. Users can look to add specific contacts in that list whose texts will then be received in this section.

Xiaomi MIUI Features: Support for MiSpace

There's the all new MiSpace present that makes the UI even more special. It essentially breaks the icon's traditional grid layout and brings a new way to interact with your phone. It also allows the interface to be intertwined with the user's favorite game or another realm.

Xiaomi MIUI Features: More than 200 Functions

Xiaomi has done all it can to offer you almost everything via its UI, making life a lot easier in the process. Hence there more 200 functions that are now available in the phone via the UI. The list includes an always on alarm clock, single click cache clean up, drop down bar toggle, lockscreen flashlight, a new weather app and more.

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