Xiaomi MIUI 6 Pushed Out for Developers: 5 Big Features You Need To Know

It hasn't been long since hotshot Chinese handset maker Xiaomi entered the Indian arena. The handset maker, popularly known as "Apple of China," has already hit the ground running in the native smartphone market with firm intentions of asserting itself on the scene.

While the company's previously released Mi 3 handset is slowly turning out to become somewhat a cult in the native market, the company's biggest achievement in this respect has been the introduction of the MIUI interface that's such a refresh from the usual Android thing we see. And now the interface, as it seems, is set to go a notch up.

Xiaomi MIUI 6 Pushed Out for Developers: 5 Big Features

According to reports, Xiaomi has officially announced its brand new MIUI 6 interface that will be an upgrade from the previous big MIUI offering. Xiaomi has announced its latest interface with a design overhaul and more colorful, minimalist looks. Apart from that, it also brings new phone features and enhanced security to make the experience even better.

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While the new update is currently in its beta phases, still it should soon make its way to the company's devices such as the Mi 4 and Mi 3. In fact, the update is even scheduled to arrive on devices from other makers.

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But while all that is just a simple overview of what all we are getting with the new interface, it doesn't really even begin to highlight what actually is up for grabs here. Hence, let's take closer look at the top features that are set to arrive with the interface.

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As we mentioned before, Xiaomi has opted for an entire design and look overhaul for the new interface, this time sticking to a more minimalist approach. Xiaomi says that it has "stripped away unnecessary distractions" so that users can focus on the right things in the right place.

Xiaomi has built the MIUI 6 interface with a range of powerful features. The option includes marking unknown numbers, accessing free Wi-Fi with WiWide, using a visual menu for voice service calls and more.

While rumors about how Xiaomi has been passing user information to China via its phone have been rampant, the company has brushed every such issue by increasing the security strength via the new MIUI 6. MIUI has a reliable built-in Security Center that takes full advantage of advanced security technologies from Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE.

We had seen this with the previous MIUI offering, and we are seeing this with the MIUI 6 as well. Mi Cloud connects all your Mi devices with each other - your phone, tablet, TV and set-top box. That means you can view your photos at anytime, anywhere, or continue browsing a webpage on your Mi Pad.

You can view all new notifications on your lock screen the instant you wake your phone. New notifications will show up at the top of the screen. You can view details and open apps quickly with a single tap. Moreover, the Notification Centre also intelligently switches over to floating notifications to avoid interrupting you when playing a game or using the camera.

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