Xiaomi Redmi 1S 9th Flash Sale About to Start: 5 Useful Tips on How to Buy

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The Xiaomi effect has taken the country by storm. Right from the crazed excitement related to the handset to IAF issuing data hack warnings, the company has seen it all in a short time. One of its most successful handsets, the Redmi 1S, has been one of sought after handsets in the market. And it doesn't seem like the craze for the same is ending anytime soon.

Xiaomi has boasted some mighty pleasing numbers from the sale of its Redmi 1S handset. And backed by the flash sales that have been happening on Flipkart, the company has seen units of the handset disappearing from the shelves in no time.

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The 9th flash sale for the Redmi 1S is about to start today at 2PM, and we know a lot of people who are already lining up to mash that Buy button as soon as the sale receives an official green signal. And if you are one of those, we have a few tips for you to get the handset.

SPOILER: Make note that these are just tips that you follow to buy the handset and there's no guarantee that you will actually end up bagging one. However, these tips are meant to make your life a bit simpler.

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Confirming You Selection

Now we know that you are actually reading this piece since you are interested in buying a Redmi 1S. But before anything else, try making a final search and comparison with other handsets that also fall in the same category. However, if Redmi 1S is all that's on your mind, you might as well skip this part.

Get Ready

The flash sale goes live at 2PM sharp. And it's absolutely integral that you get yourself ready 15 minutes before the 2PM sale. The best thing to do is getting logged in from two or three different browsers to increase you chances of owning a handset. You could at least open three browsers at a time: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Mash the Refresh Button

Understand that you aren't the only fan waiting to get you hands on the device. On the contrary, a host of people will also be looking to buy the handset. Hence, keep refreshing each window every 2 seconds so that you don't miss out on the start of the sale. Also, be alert as the flash sale will happen, with a lot of people waiting to pounce upon it.

Work Those Muscles

When you keep refreshing the pages, there will come a time when the precious "BUY NOW" option arrives. Once you see it, move your muscles as swiftly as possible and hit the button. In fact, you would do yourself a major good if you hit the buy button on all the browsers you have opened the page. At least one will be on target.

Completing the Transaction

If this is your first ever flash sale, know that once you have added the product to the cart, you will get a minimum of eight hours for completing the payment. There's no need to pay immediately as the website will anyway be jammed with users trying to complete the required steps as soon as possible. Now you know the big secret behind 20,000 units going "poof" at a moment's notice.

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