Zen X400 i Launches

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Zen X400 i Launches
Zen mobiles have decided to add a new handset into the list of mobile phones the company provides which is of dual SIM specification. The handset is a basic model mobile phone with quite enough features and specialties to impress any regular user at the first sight itself.

One of the primary features to be considered is the dual SIM specification which will allow the user to use two SIMs at a time. As Zen X400 i come along with huge battery backup it will leverage the user to use the service of two network provider for long time, especially if the user is travelling for long distance. Because there might be places where some of the network providers could not reach, in such situations the other one will help you.

The Zen X400 i is well designed also; the keypad looks very simply and provides a smooth surface for the user to get comfort while typing. The screen of 1.5 inches only but has incorporated with TFT technology to make it rich with colours. It has also been included with a media player which is fully loaded to deliver the most exciting video and audio play back experience for the users. And moreover the 3.5 mm Audio jack will help you to enjoy the music with an international quality. The media player supports multi format files too.

Regarding the expandable memory option; you have been the facility to expand it up to 2 GB and store your data accordingly. You take any user, one of the major features he or she will be looking in a handset will be the possibilities for data management and data transfer, even if it is an entry level handset. Here, with Zen X400 i dual SIM you will get two options to enhance data transfer, which is the Bluetooth connection and USB connection.

As mentioned earlier, the battery of the handset is the most exciting part you could find because the handset is well loaded with battery of 1800 mAh. Can you imagine the battery power that it can provide at a single charge? You will be surprised to know that the gadget will provide you 10 hours continuous talk time with a single charge. Moreover it does not take much time to get fully charged.

For the time being there is no details available on the price in India tag with which the mobile phone named Zen X400 i by Zen mobiles will be hitting the Indian retails, but according to sources it is considered that the price in India of Zen X400 i will not exceed than Rs. 1,700 in India.

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