1-2 Know: iMobifone Hands free enhancements for iPhone

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1-2 Know: iMobifone Hands free enhancements for iPhone

1-2-KNOW: A case featuring anti radiation headset for iPhone

Most of the mobile phone users are aware of the health hazards that can result from mobile phones but they are helpless since mobile phones have become too much a part of our day to day life. There are lots of people who use hands free devices to make regular communication. And among the hands free devices, Bluetooth headset is the most preferred. The problem is that the Bluetooth headset still has some radiation effects even though it is not as bad as the ones coming from a mobile handset.

These difficulties can be negated and proper communication can be ensured by the use of a regular wired headset. It comes with the hassles of having wires though. If you have a taste for the retro kind of headsets; those iMobiFones hands free devices are definitely the one for you.


  • Superb styling

  • Retro look

  • Good voice clarity

  • Reduces cell phone radiation

iMobiFone hands free is designed to look like a normal land line phone receiver. It will have a landline headset as well as a connecting wire. This is definitely a very unique device. Some may find it difficult to accept that the fact that it is in fact a simple mobile headset. The headset is designed to reduce the radiation from the phone by about 98%. By doing you get almost complete protection from the harmful mobile phone radiation.

This venture was initiated after many studies have pointed out that long term mobile phone usage increases the risk of brain tumors later in your life. The studies concentrated on mainly three types of brain cancers and tumors and the studies showed that there is a very significant in the chance for cancer after about a decade of frequent cell phone usage. These studies have pressurized the government to issues stronger health hazard warnings for mobile phones.

The studies are still being done in this field. So the best thing a consumer can do is to choose a mobile phone having very low radiation emission. Even if they already have a handset they can still protect themselves from this radiation by using a hands free device like the one from iMobiFone which is specifically designed to overcome the effect of radiation.

iMobiFone hands free comes with an adjustable belt holder too. This can be used to make sure that the handset does not come in the way of daily activities. This device may make heads turn and some time people may even make fun of you from using such a handset. But this same people would envy you after a decade of mobile phone usage and when they find themselves in trouble.

iMobiFone headset comes with a price tag of about Rs.1,200/- in India.

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