AblePlanet Clear HARMONY Noise Cancellation headphones review

Posted By: Rahul

AblePlanet Clear HARMONY Noise Cancellation headphones review

Headphones are most used at homes. But this headphone comes in pretty handy when you are outside. Outside in terms, can be defined as such an environment where we can hear almost all sorts of noises pretty much all the time – Music, automobiles, horns and so on. Able Planet seems to have come up with something that can make your outdoor activities worthwhile……….technically!

The headphones will become popular soon by the name of Clear Harmony; because they are pretty cool in keeping you focused on the task at hand by canceling all noises from the outside. Categorized as high end, the Clear Harmony is designed to cancel all distracting noises except what you want to hear through it.

With an awesome look and a pretty innovative design, the Clear Harmony fits comfortably covering your ears with a pair of great full-sized ear pads. The Clear Harmony comes in a bundle comprising of a 1/4 inch adapter, an airplane adapter, the headphone cord of 5 ft which has all the volume controls (in-line).

A solid design and a funky look will definitely make this headphone, a center of attention. Clear Harmony is made of plastic except for the ear pads. The plastic build is actually worth it because this makes the headphone light without affecting the sound quality and the noise canceling feature. The colour is decent with a silver-black combo finish.

But it would have looked a lot better if it had a black finish. The headphone fits comfortably no matter how big or small a head you have and you won’t feel irritated with it covering your ears, even after long hours.

One cool feature is that this headphone can function quite well even in passive mode that is even if the AAA batteries that powers it up runs out of juice or if the power switch to which it is connected is switched off. But this passive mode comes at a price – a drop in frequency and amplitude.

The headphone jack and the power switch and power status are on the left ear pad. Powering on and jacking the headphone is piece of cake. Installing the AAA batteries is also pretty easy. The original amplitude and the frequency range of the Clear Harmony define its power, which can blow you away.

The Noise Canceling feature is impressive, but not in an awesome kind of way as it works well in low-mid frequencies. The user will be able to hear conversations even with an activated noise canceling feature. Clear Harmony headphones are priced at around more than Rs 10,000/- in India.

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