Acoustic friendly Sennheiser IE60 and IE80 earphones

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Acoustic friendly Sennheiser IE60 and IE80 earphones

Sennheiser is considered to be an emerging brand name in the manufacture of audio products and audio accessories. The company is preparing itself to roll out two of its high quality earphones IE60 as well as IE80 in CES show that will be held in January of next year. CES show is considered to be one of the largest consumer electronic shows on earth.

IE60 earphones are considered to be a perfect combination of accurate acoustics as well as cutting edge design and technology. The device features a dynamic transducer system capable of providing high quality acoustics. The device also comes with a robust cable that is further enhanced by the presence of a strain relief that has been German designed. The earphones also come with an aggressive attenuation that makes use of ambient noise that helps the users in listening at a more comfortable level.

IE60 earphones can be worn by the users around the ear as well as in an ascending fashion also. The device also features 3 sizes of ear tips by means of two types of latex-free ear adapters. 2 Year warranty is provided for IE60 earphones.

IE80 earphones arrive with highly customizable features. The device features a dynamic transducer system that makes use of tuneable bass response in each ear and thereby providing liquid smooth audio experience. The device also features an aggressive noise dampening capability in addition to the detachable cable system. Another major feature is the presence of four types of ear adapters that comes in various sizes that has been especially designed for a customized fit. IE80 earphones also arrive with 2 year warranty.

IE80 earphones provide a maximum noise attenuation of up to 26dB. The presence of a unique sound tuning function helps in controlling the bass response as per the user requirements. Both IE60 as well as IE80 earphones are designed in such a way so as to suit with great perfection for MP3 players as well as portable media players and smartphones.

IE80 earphones come with a frequency response that ranges from 10 to 20,000 Hz as well as 125dB of sound pressure level. IE80 earphones come with 16 ohms impedance. The frequency response for IE60 earphones ranges from 10 to 18,000 Hz as well as 115 dB of sound pressure level.

The price tag of Sennheiser earphones is not available currently.

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