An in-ear Phonak PFE 232 headphone with remote control

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An in-ear Phonak PFE 232 headphone with remote control

There are lot of headphones in the market. The headphone business is an always booming one and that is the reason for the large abundance of the same in the market.

Phonak has come up with PFE 232 headphones. This is a beautifully designed in ear model that provides amazing sound quality.

Key features and specifications of the Phonak PFE 232 are:

  • Removable cables

  • Built in remote control

  • In-line microphone

  • Armature drivers

  • Sound altering filters

  • Crisp and clear sound

  • Foam and rubber tips

The earphones come in a design which is a slightly modified version of the PFE 012 model which was the runner up for the 2011 headphone of the year award. The design is very elegant and beautiful. The ear buds are made of plastic. The buds are quite comfortable and offer a very snug fit. The ear phone has in total two drivers per ear device and that is the reason for their sufficiently compact size. The company’s ideology is that adding more number of drivers does not create any particular improvement in sound which is in fact, true.

The presence of removable cables is a very welcome feature in the ear phones. This lets you carry around the ear phones very easily. Even if there are some damages with the cable you can easily change them by swapping it with another pair, instead of wanting to have to change the whole device. The connecting jacks are also good.

Altogether the device comes with two cable attachments. One of the cables consists of the microphone/remote housing and the other does not. So you can choose the appropriate cable based on your use. The cable has a very soft finish and it very much reduces tangling. The cables are sufficiently bendy and there won’t be any problem while using it or tugging it away in storage. The end of the cable features a right angled jack. It also comes with plastic ear loops if you don’t want to leave the cable falling straight down. They lock in the cable and are very easy to use.

The sound quality is of top notch quality. The whole acoustic range is reproduced very faithfully by the drivers. There is sufficient bass response too. You will enjoy listening to instrumentals and vocals alike using this earphones.

Phonak PFE 232 will come with a price tag of around Rs.30,000/- in India considering the price in foreign markets. This puts it in the ultra premium range of headphones. However the price is justified if you see the whole package, offered along with this product including cleaning materials, multiple cords and ear hooks, acoustic filters, six ear tip pairs and installer box.

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