Apple Acquires Wi-Gear, plans Bluetooth Headset Line

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    Apple Acquires Wi-Gear, plans Bluetooth Headset Line

Even with the Android dominating in Global Market, Apple hasn’t lost its following. As a matter of fact, Apple is apparently expanding their business as recent facts about Apple buying Wi-Gear, a Bluetooth headset company, proves it. Apple’s iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones and iPods are all immensely successful.

But it’s hardly noticed that Apple doesn’t have its own line of Bluetooth headsets compatible with their popular iOS Operating System.

Wi-Gear is a Bluetooth Headset company with very good technological Bluetooth headset advancement. They had reportedly designed Bluetooth headphones exclusively for the iOS and Apple seems to have approved it, as Wi-Gear now belongs to Apple.

Amidst a lot of speculations about Apple’s new ideas with Wi-Gear, certain trusty sources revealed that Apple had been planning to design their own versions of Bluetooth headphones.

Supposedly, these stereo Bluetooth headphones will be compatible with all devices running in iOS that Apple is planning to release in the near future. And obviously Apple requires the technical knowledge and experience of Wi-Gear to make the headphones far better than any other.

Apple once had a shot with a Bluetooth headset model that they developed but discontinued the production pretty soon after launching it, probably because of verified reports of the poor performance of the headset.

Apparently, Apple hopes to come back with a bang, with a new breed of Bluetooth stereo headphones integrated with A2DP technology, as almost all devices launched by Apple, lately, are A2DP enabled devices.

Reportedly, the new Apple headphones will be known as iMuffs, a name befitting a brilliant device, with quality and noise isolation far exceeding that of other earbuds in the market.

iMuff has a great sound quality which doesn’t start to deplete unless the user is more than about 40 feet away. An Apple Techie states that the iMuffs can and will offer a sound quality similar to that of high definition CD players, and under a distance of 40 feet.

This headphone also supports conversation in great quality besides being able to shift itself from Wireless music playback to attending calls, with great consistency. When a call connects to the user’s Bluetooth-enabled handset, the iMuffs pick it up and instantly let the users know about the call.

After talking through the integrated microphone, the user may choose to end the call and the headphone instantly taps back to the music streaming mode. No other information about the Apple stereo Bluetooth headphones, besides all the above, have been revealed yet.

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