Apple iPad 2 To Be Launched Soon!

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Apple iPad 2 To Be Launched Soon!
India is awaiting the launch of the new Apple iPad 2 which will be released in a few days. For those of you who are completely indulged in Apple phones and products, you will be surprised to see that the company will launch new technology on this phone which will definitely blow one's mind.

The Apple iPad 2, will be launched in thirteen different countries which includes our Indian soil too, in order to cater to those Apple lovers. The exact date however was not mentioned, but rumors stated that it will be brought to India between the 28th to 29th of this month, April.

Though the original price of the Apple iPad 2 was not mentioned, sources say that the company will keep the initial price of the Apple phones when it was first introduced in India.

For those of you who are unaware of the original cost of the Apple iPad 2, it might be ranged at a price of 30k (Indian Price).

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