Apple iTunes 11 Release Postponed Until End of November

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Apple iTunes 11 Release Postponed Until End of November

Apple has postponed the release of iTunes 11 to end of November. Previously the company had announced that it will be launching iTunes 11 on October. 

Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr informed that the new iTunes is taking more time than expected and the company wants to take extra time to get it right. He also added that the new version will be dramatically simpler and will have a cleaner interface. The new iTunes will also offer seamless integration with iCloud. 

It is still not clear whether this delay in release is due to the change in top management at Apple which was announced yesterday. Some analysts claim that Apple has learned its lesson with premature launching of its map service and will be launching the new iTunes after doing proper test runs. The latest version is expected to make the aging sync and media player software simpler and more intuitive. 

When it was released iTunes was merely a music player software. Now it has expanded its horizons by including TV shows, books, apps etc. It is also the sync software for all iOS devices including the iPhone 5.iTunes has evolved into an important piece of software for Apple users from across the globe. The crowding of content has however caused disappointment among several users. The updated version will solve this issue by introducing a much neater interface which is well organized. 

iTunes 11 will be offering a simpler library with content organized according to type. An expanded view will be generated when one clicks on an album which will enable users to freely browse through other albums without having to return. A new MiniPlayer is also expected to be included which provides easier access to tracks queued in the playlist.There will also be a search option which will allow users to add new tracks.

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