Apple planning to integrate it's Ipod Nano and Ipod Touch with a speaker

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Apple planning to integrate it's Ipod Nano and Ipod Touch with a speaker

Apple Inc became quite very popular in the audio market after the introduction of ipod. The device could bring about revolutionary change in the music world and led to the formation of a large number of similar products. No matter how many more products are brought into the market Apple still remain in the top level when it comes to sales.

The Apple iPod Nano and Apple iPod Shuffle where two of the most successful devices that where ever to hit the audio market sector. Both are digital media players which is completely designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. The devices use flash memory for storage. It has all the right features intended on ensuring good quality music on the move.

According to a new patent application submitted by Apple Inc. the company is trying to integrate a speaker into the clip of ipod shuffle or ipod nano. If this technology comes into existence, past are those days of sharing music from a single pair of headphones. You and your friends can enjoy music through the integrated speaker. A small recessed portion in the clip is the position selected for the speaker. The patent which is simply known as “Speaker clip” is used with a piezoelectric speaker is built into the clip of the device. The recessed area must be large enough to fit in a sufficiently large speaker to provide some basic sound output. Also the speaker has to be designed in such a way as to produce maximum sound from a small area.

The clip of the device is similar to the one which was present in ipod nano or ipod shuffle. The only notable difference is that it will have a small grille that encloses a speaker in it. The small dome cover can be designed to produce certain sound effects by allowing the needed movement of air so as to provide sufficient quality sound. The size of the recess will determine the frequency of sound from the device. If additional holes or other features are also added they can be used for guiding the sound coming out of the main speaker.

A speaker present in the clip means that it has to be connected to the main device by some electrical connections. Apple’s patent also describes how that can be done by the addition of thin wires which are sufficiently flexible or by using micro strip lines. These can be connected through the or along the side of the hinge that holds the clip. This ensures that there will be no visible wire or protrusions from the device.

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