Apple recalls ipod Nano for health reasons

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Apple recalls ipod Nano for health reasons

Apple is considered a leading tech major in the international market especially in the manufacture of iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple has already gained immense popularity through the sales of its products. It is the first company in the world that has introduced the popular iPhone, iPad and iPod.

One of the major advantages is the user friendliness as well as the advanced technology and the high quality the product provides the users with. Apple has never failed to upgrade their products as per the users' needs. And this is a company that has never compromised on security features.

The latest news that is making headlines is that Apple is recalling all there first generation ipod Nano that was sold from September 2005 till December 2006 taking in to consideration the fact that the battery that has been included in iPod Nano can overheat and in rarest cases can even explode posing a major security risk for the users.

Apple has claimed that in their experimentation with the battery they have found that the battery may overheat and in rarest of rarest cases can explode. The problem was traced to a single battery supplier that actually produced these batteries with manufacturing defects. Apple claims that as the age of the battery increases, the chances of it causing health problems is more and Apple does not really wanted to take a chance.

Now apple has declared that those users who are using first generation iPod Nano have to follow the process specified for a completely free replacement unit free of charge. The problem is only applicable to the first generation iPod Nano that was sold from September 2005 till December 2006.

The procedure that the users have to follow is that they will have to go to the Apple site and check whether there first generation iPod Nano is eligible for replacement. The site consists of information in order to identify a first generation iPod Nano. Once it is proved that user’s device is eligible, and then the user will have to fill out a claim form in order to confirm their eligibility for the replacement.

Apple will replace the defective device within a maximum of six weeks from the date of submission. And finally Apple provides the users with an additional 90 days of warranty once the device is replaced. Additional information regarding the device is available from the nearest Apple authorized center.

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