Arcam rCube premium compact iPod speaker

Posted By: Rahul

Arcam rCube premium compact iPod speaker

Arcam is known for producing good sounding high end audio products and quite innovative too. There audio systems produce very pure professional quality music. They have now introduced a good set of iPod speakers.

The speakers are named as Arcam rCube. It is a very portable iPod dock.

Features and specifications of Arcam rCube iPod speaker dock are:

  • Compact and portable

  • Premium finish

  • Touch sensitive buttons

  • Different colour options (either in black or white finish)

  • 7.9 inch cube size

  • Weight: 5 Kg

  • 3.5 mm audio jack

  • Component video output

  • Bass boost

  • 90 watts power out put

  • Music streaming

  • Crisp sound quality

The design of the speakers dock is very amazing. As its name hints, it comes in a cube shaped design. It features a very premium finish as well as styling. The top of the speakers dock has five buttons which are touch sensitive. They can be used to increase and decrease the volume, select the source, turn on or off wireless connectivity etc. The speakers come in white and black colour finish. The white version has very good elegance to it. The flip up door in the top conceals the iPod dock as well as the handle. This handle lets users to carry around the device with much ease.

A bass boost button is provided at the rear. This option is not in the remote though. The 90 watts power output are delivered from the two speakers kept at either side. So no sound comes from the front portion. This is done to spread the sound around and immerse the whole room in music. Reviewers have stated that direct sound speakers were much more preferable than this current set up.

Arcam rCube can be powered either directly from an AC supply or from the devices internal battery. Music can be streamed to the speakers from laptops or computers. The speakers can also be cascaded, that is if you have more than one rCube the music will be streamed from one to the other creating bigger and better sound. The USB dongle that comes with the speaker system can be plugged into your computer or any other i Device.

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